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Behandling Tid Pris
Dybdegående massage 45 min. 425,-
Dybdegående massage 75 min. 650,-
Cupping 45 min. 425,-
Hot Stone Massage 45 min. 450,-
Hot Stone Massage 75 min. 700,-


Behandling Tid Pris
Kropsakupunktur 45 min. 425,-
Øreakupunktur 30-45 min. 250,-
Rygestop 30-45 min. 500,-
Rygestop x 3 30-45 min. pr gang 1200,-


Behandling Tid Pris
Zoneterapi 45 min. 425,-
Zoneterapi børn u/ 12 år 15-45 min. 300,-

Additional Information

We are a small, fee-for-service clinic, meaning that we collect payment at the time of service (cash, credit card, check, flexible savings accounts and health savings accounts). After each session we will email an itemized bill to our patients so those who are interested in reimbursement can independently submit it to their insurance companies.